Adding Flair to Your Nashville Apartment with Fabric

You live in one of the best cities in the country in one of the best apartment communities, your complex is great with a perfect location, great amenities and great neighbors, but your bedroom is lacking the flair that you want, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money or compromise your security deposit with a lot of nails and drill holes.

One way to make a dramatic statement in your bedroom without damaging the walls is to hang large pieces of fabric.

It is easier than you think and can be completed in a day.

  1. Decide on the color and theme of your bedroom, choose a single color fabric or a pattern. High quality bedroom sheets can be used as well.
  2. Measure your wall, be sure to leave an extra inch on each side of the fabric, this will be used to make a clean line once the fabric is applied.  If you are applying more then one piece of fabric, you will want to measure it similarly to how you would measure wallpaper, keeping the pattern in mind when measuring.
  3. Gather your supplies; drop cloth, Spray Liquid Starch such as Stay Flo (or make your own), paint rollers and an sharp utility knife and a friend (this is a two person project).
  4. Now it is time to be creative; attach the fabric temporarily with thumb tacks. Then starting at a top corner, spray the starch on the fabric and with a paint roller and work your way down the wall.  If you need to apply more than one piece of fabric be certain to overlap it slightly and make certain the patterns match.  (Alternatively you could apply the starch using a roller and paint tray).
  5. Once the fabric is dry you can remove your thumb tacks.
  6. Using your utility or Exacto knife, cleanly cut the excess fabric off and roll one more time with a clean dry roller.
  7. The fabric can easily be removed when it is time to move. Simply remove the fabric and clean the walls with warm water mixed with some white vinegar.
  8. Do not use material that is too heavy or too dense in color as it may not stick or could leave water or color marks (velvet and heavy brocade are not good choices).

This easy to do method allows you to add your own unique touch to your bedroom.

There are a number of articles and videos that can help you with this project.

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