The Top 3 Bakeries Near Your Nashville Apartment



There’s something about a bakery that instantly puts you in a good mood. From the atmosphere, to the coffee and sweets, we are always looking for the best cookies or cupcakes in town. Here are some of Nashville’s best bakeries near your apartment.

 1. Julia’s HomeStyle Bakery- They’re are known for their custom cakes, but you can also get fresh made pie, cookies, bars and more.

2. HomeStyle Bakery- A family owned bakery, that’s considered Nashville’s 0ldest bakery. Although they take pride in their cakes, HomeStyle Bakery has plenty of options to satisfy any sweet tooth.

3. Miss Muffin-  Was chosen as one of the top bakeries in the country on the “Bodacious Bakeries” episode of TLC’s Best Food Ever.

The Best Pizza You Can Get Near Your Nashville Apartment



Pizza…We crave it just thinking about it. We will satisfy that crave for you. Here are some of Nashville’s best pizza.

Joey’s House of Pizza- Make sure to come on an empty stomach, because you won’t be able to eat just one slice. A family-owned restaurant that is dedicated to making authentic pizza.

Bella Nashville- Known for their wood-fire oven pizza which gives the best and distinct flavor. Your pizza will always taste fresh with a slightly burnt crust.

Castrillo’s Pizza of Sylvan Park: This seems to be everyone’s “go-to.” Fresh flavors, quality ingredients and great service. What more could you ask for?