Fun Ways to Get Fit in Nashville TN

You didn’t choose an ordinary apartment complex in Nashville, so we wouldn’t expect you to choose an ordinary exercise routine.  Here are some fun and great ways to shape up in Nashville.

There is a new fitness regime sweeping across America (and the Kardashian clan apparently) called Lagree Fitness.  It uses a machine called the Megaformer and combines strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance and flexibility training in EVERY move.  Results can be seen quickly and men and women both report long, lean toned muscles as a result of this regime.

Lagree Fitness Nashville TN

Lagree Fitness Nashville TN

Studio Novo in Nashville offers Lagree Fitness programs, one is even called Happy Hour.

Vinyasa, Power and Hot Yoga have all stepped up the yoga “game”.  Check out these studios to try this new trends in exercise.

Vinyasa Yoga Nashville TN

Vinyasa Yoga

Sanctuary Yoga in Nashville, Hot Yoga Plus and Shatki Power Yoga both of Nashville.

We all know Zumba or we think we do, a bunch of middle aged women in really bad two piece jump suits dancing around to songs from Flash Dance.  No, Zumba is fun and is for everyone, it is a great way to burn calories while having fun.  Vanderbilt Dayani Center on Medical Center Drive in Nashville offers an aqua version of this exercise with all the benefits with none of the stress on your joints.

Pole Exercising  Nashville TN

Pole Exercising

Alright this next one may be a bit out there, like gravity defying, circus performing, pole dancing out there, but The Chrome Bar on Lafayette Street in Nashville offers a variety of classes that are fun and provide cardio, aerobic, muscle toning benefits.  Try their Fly Gym class which incorporates yoga, Pilates and aerial dance.  You exercise on supportive fabric slings.


Anti Gravity Exercising Nashville TN

Anti Gravity Exercising

Sky High Sports located on Harding Place in Nashville offers a variety of fun ways to get in shape.  Try airobics, dodge ball and other gravity lifting ways to exercise.

Try these fun ways to get in shape.

Please note that this images are not from the fitness centers mentioned in this article.

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