The Best Sandwiches in Nashville

You hear others rave about their city’s official sandwich –  New Orleans has muffalettas and po’boys, Philadelphia has the cheese steak and Maine has the lobster roll, but what about Nashville? What is our official sandwich?  As far as we can tell, we don’t have an official sandwich, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great place to grab a meal in a bun.

We have compiled a list of some of the city’s best sandwiches.  This list won’t include hot dogs, wraps, subs, or burgers. Instead we are going to feature some of the city’s most unique sandwich choices and they are all under $10.


Best Sandwiches in Nashville

Love Peace & Pho – Veggie Banh mi

Love, Peace and Po

2112 8th Ave S Nashville

 When you think of Vietnamese food, you probably don’t think of sandwiches, but Banh mi is a delicious sandwich that you just have to try.  A Banh mi is a lightly toasted French baguette typically filled with a protein (usually pork) and native Vietnamese ingredients such as cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon.

Love, Peace and Po includes a vegetarian Banh mi and are all under $7.00.


Best Sandwiches in Nashville

Bakersfield Milanese Torta


201 3rd Ave S Nashville

Bakersfield is a hip Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican street fare including tacos and tortas.  You might not be familiar with this wonderful Mexican sandwich, the torta, but once you try it you will love it! This sandwich is served on a 6 to 8 inch sandwich roll called a telera and filled with meats, cojita cheese, tomatoes, a salsa and avocado. Bakersfield has two on their menu; the Milanesa, which is made with chicken cutlet, black beans, salsa verde and arugula. The other sandwich is the short rib tort that is served with caramelized onions, Chihuahua cheese, black beans, arugula and tomatillo salsa.

Best Sandwiches in Nashville

The Grilled Cheeserie Food Truck

The Grilled Cheeserie

Our next choice is not a restaurant, but a food truck that serves delicious, ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.   We are not talking about the kind Mom used to make with two pieces of white bread and Kraft cheese slices. These are grilled cheese masterpieces.   You can “make” your own by selecting the bread, the cheese and the fillings. You can choose the B&B Tennessee with buttermilk cheese, bacon, or the Buffalo with pulled chicken, Buffalo sauce and blue cheese on sour dough bread.

Check their website to find out where they will be located.  They have won many awards and have been featured on a number of national food shows!

Best Sandwich in Nashville

Back to Cuba – Traditional Cuban Sandwich


Back to Cuba

4683 Trousdale Dr Nashville

Who would have thought that you could find a good Cuban sandwich so far from Miami. Back to Cuba serves up one of the best Cuban sandwiches around.  If you aren’t familiar with Cuban sandwiches, they are a combination of ham, roasted pork, cheese, pickles and mustard served on  Cuban bread.  They were brought to this country by Cuban exiles and expatriates to Miami and found their way to Nashville.  Back to Cuba serves a great Cuban sandwich large enough to share.

So no fret Nashvillians, we may not have our signature sandwich, but Nashville has some amazing options!


Fun Ways to Get Fit in Nashville TN

You didn’t choose an ordinary apartment complex in Nashville, so we wouldn’t expect you to choose an ordinary exercise routine.  Here are some fun and great ways to shape up in Nashville.

There is a new fitness regime sweeping across America (and the Kardashian clan apparently) called Lagree Fitness.  It uses a machine called the Megaformer and combines strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance and flexibility training in EVERY move.  Results can be seen quickly and men and women both report long, lean toned muscles as a result of this regime.

Lagree Fitness Nashville TN

Lagree Fitness Nashville TN

Studio Novo in Nashville offers Lagree Fitness programs, one is even called Happy Hour.

Vinyasa, Power and Hot Yoga have all stepped up the yoga “game”.  Check out these studios to try this new trends in exercise.

Vinyasa Yoga Nashville TN

Vinyasa Yoga

Sanctuary Yoga in Nashville, Hot Yoga Plus and Shatki Power Yoga both of Nashville.

We all know Zumba or we think we do, a bunch of middle aged women in really bad two piece jump suits dancing around to songs from Flash Dance.  No, Zumba is fun and is for everyone, it is a great way to burn calories while having fun.  Vanderbilt Dayani Center on Medical Center Drive in Nashville offers an aqua version of this exercise with all the benefits with none of the stress on your joints.

Pole Exercising  Nashville TN

Pole Exercising

Alright this next one may be a bit out there, like gravity defying, circus performing, pole dancing out there, but The Chrome Bar on Lafayette Street in Nashville offers a variety of classes that are fun and provide cardio, aerobic, muscle toning benefits.  Try their Fly Gym class which incorporates yoga, Pilates and aerial dance.  You exercise on supportive fabric slings.


Anti Gravity Exercising Nashville TN

Anti Gravity Exercising

Sky High Sports located on Harding Place in Nashville offers a variety of fun ways to get in shape.  Try airobics, dodge ball and other gravity lifting ways to exercise.

Try these fun ways to get in shape.

Please note that this images are not from the fitness centers mentioned in this article.

Great Spots to Catch a Game in Nashville


Nashville isn’t all about music, we love football too.  Whether it is college, semi-pro or the NFL,  Nashvillians are fanatical about their teams, but finding a really good bar to watch our favorite team isn’t easy. We have compiled a list of some of Nashville’s best spots to watch a game.

Jed’s Sports Bar & Grille

This bar is less than 1/2 mile from ParkCentral and a great place to watch a game.  There are several TVs, two levels, two patios with TVs so you can watch the game outside. Plus a cornhole (you have to love a bar with cornhole), a great beer selection and a lively vibe for young professionals.  They don’t get the best reviews for their food, but it would be hard to beat the location and the party atmosphere.

Sam’s Sports Bar and Grill

Consistently named the best sports bar in Nashville, this is a good spot to catch a game, but get there early, it fills up.  Sams is located at 1803 21st Ave S and is about 1.5 miles from your Nashville apartment.   There is free parking in the back, lots of TVs, good beer selection, good food, plenty of seating and a patio.  The crowds can be quite lively on Saturdays for college games, Sunday for NFL (even if Titans aren’t playing) and Monday nights.

Dawghouse Saloon

This saloon is only 1.5 miles from ParkCentral and has convenient seating so large or small groups can watch their favorite team.  They have an outdoor patio with a TV and a Sunday brunch.  Good pub fare and a lively atmosphere.

A really good bar to watch sports can be hard to find. Some distinguish themselves as “sports bars” while others just have a great vibe and a bunch of TVs ideal for watching sports. It took a lot of sports watching and drinking to come up with the list of the best sports bars in Nashville, but someone had to do it.

All of these locations have great beer selections, numerous televisions and cozy seating. You better not pre-game for too long to get a spot at these top sports bars — they fill up quickly on game days.

Good luck to whatever team you may be supporting. Cheers!

Don’t see your favorite bar to belly-up to for a fantastic sports watching experience? Let us know in the comments section!


Tips for Cleaning Your Nashville Apartment

Fall Cleaning August is almost over and the cooler weather is just around the corner.  But, while you were out enjoying the warm Tennessee weather your house was gathering dust and dirt, so let’s get that cleaning underway and get ready for the fall.

Take Inventory of Supplies – Before you begin cleaning, take stock in your cleaning supplies.  Make sure that you have the right products for each room.  Consider keeping cleaning supplies organized by room for future use and don’t forget that your cabinet has some make at home cleaning supplies like vinegar and baking soda.

Reach High – You more than likely have done a great job keeping your apartment clean during the summer months, but now that fall is here it is time to look up and clean areas that are not at eye level. Look in the corners for cobwebs and dust with a handled duster or use your vacuum’s extension attachment to get into hard to reach areas.  Don’t forget fan blades and light fixtures.

Look Low – Again, fall is a good time to look below eye level and clean baseboards and hard to reach corners.  Use a broom to clean corners and use a duster and/or a warm sudsy cloth to clean baseboards.

Out of Sight/Out of Mind – And probably the reach of your broom or vacuum.  This is a good time to move furniture and get those dust bunnies from under the couch or to remove and vacuum under the cushions of your couch and chairs.

Let the Sunshine In – Don’t forget windows and window sashes.   Clean your windows with vinegar and water and wipe down with a microfiber cloth or purchase a squeegee and wash like the pros with a bit of degreasing liquid soap detergent and warm water.

Tackle the Refrigerator – This is a great time to empty the refrigerator and freezer.  Get rid of anything that has expired or has been in your refrigerator for more than 3 months and wipe down all of the shelving with warm sudsy water.  Take this time to determine if the set up your refrigerator is optimized, if not adjust shelving to make access easier.

Launder Bed Linens, Blankets and More – None of us like laundry, but the change of season is a good time to wash your bed linens, as well as blankets, comforters and throws.  While you are at it, shake out throw rugs and pillows.

Follow these great tips for easy fall cleaning and to get your apartment ready for fall.

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Back to School Trends for Nashville 2015

bluetooth-coffeeIt has been a great summer in your Nashville apartment and while the calendar might say that there is over a month left of summer, let’s jump start your school year with these great trends for back to school 2015.

The Big Pen Pencil Case – available at Staples this inventive design was the brain child of a student who was tired of not having the right pen or pencil for class.  This tool has interchangeable tips for pens, pencils and highlighters.  It is also has a pencil sharpener and eraser and room to store more.  It retails for $8.99.

A Portable Desk – if you’re like the thousands of students who are doing homework on the run, this must have item has pocket organizers, storage and a writing surface.  Some even have a USB connecter.

Anything Environmentally Friendly – students and parents are looking for school supply products that are environmentally friendly using recycled paper, and plant inspired notebooks.

Laptop Ready Back Packs – as the shift from pen and paper move toward laptops. Many schools  are allowing them in classes, so these back packs are meant to carry laptops!

The OtterBox Resurgence Case – extend the life of your battery and protect your phone at the same time with the OtterBox Resurgence Case.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker – long nights of studying require coffee, lots of coffee.  A Bluetooth coffee maker lets you schedule your next cup of Joe from your phone.

Graphics are in – bold graphics are everywhere.  You can find them on t-shirts, shoes and more.

Denim – denim is everywhere this year.  Denim jackets, leggings and jeans are still in fashion and while some of the pastel colors may be out, you will find them in more nature inspired colors such as eggplant.

Comfort – Long nights studying require your clothing to be comfortable.  Fashion trends include joggers, fleece lined sweatshirts and more.

Stylish Shoes and Boots – patterned sneakers are popular this year, as well as boots that are inspired from the 70s and 90s, as well as lace and chain embellished.

Fit & Flare – Fit and Flare dresses are still in style.  Pair them with a denim jacket and sandals or sneakers.

The Man Bun – According to fashion experts the man bun is still very much alive and has taken on a life of its own in the last year! Due to different lengths on guys during the growing process.

Follow these 2015 Back to School Trends for a great start to the school year.

Tips for Updating Your Apartment

wallpaper   bold prints bold-colors

Renting an apartment in Nashville definitely has its perks — great night life, great music and great restaurants. ParkCentral apartments offer beautiful luxurious living, but you might find it tricky to create a space that is your own without sacrificing your security deposit.

So we’ve rounded up easy, budget-friendly ideas to update your space and to make it feel like home sweet home.

  • Add a rug to any room for a pop of color and to update your décor. Rugs come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and prints. Pick something bold and arrange furniture into a sitting area or select a rug for your entry, kitchen or bathroom.
  • Be bold by combining colors. One of this year’s color trends mixes bold colors together to create a look that adds pop and style. This year’s trend colors include Mediterranean Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Yellows and vivid Greens.
  • Add art to your walls. There are so many affordable art pieces at home goods stores, or buy a piece of fabric and frame it with supplies from your local craft store. Adding art to any room can make the space feel like your own.
  • Update your bathroom. This is one of the easiest and most affordable rooms to modernize. Select coordinated or complimentary colors and update your shower curtain, rugs, towels and accessories.
  • Consider using removable wallpaper on one wall in your bedroom or living area. Try a small piece before doing the entire wall, but it comes in a lot of colors and prints and is easy to install and remove.



Using Mirrors to Make Your Apartment More Spacious


sidemirror mirrored-furniture-4

Mirrors are an affordable way to expand the space in your Nashville apartment; they can make any room look larger and brighter as they reflect light and tricks the eye to think a space is larger.

Here are eight quick tips to use mirrors to expand your space:

  1. Place a mirror across from a window or patio door.Placing a mirror across from a window or door to give the illusion of a larger space and to bring in light and the view from outdoors.
  2. A large mirror can expand your space.A large mirror can act as a focal point and make any room look bigger. There are a lot of options at home good stores. They give the illusion of depth.
  3. Group mirrors together. Creating a stylish grouping of mirrors is an affordable way to brighten and extend a room or hallway. Check out home goods stores, thrift shops and yard sales for some great options. Paint the frames in monochrome colors and group them on a wall.
  4. Place a mirror behind furniture.A trick to expand a small space and draw the eye is to place a mirror behind furniture such as a couch or chair; this will brighten and enlarge a dark, small area.
  5. Mirrors on furniture and doors. Mirrors on furniture is another stylish option to make a room feel more spacious and uncluttered. Purchase unframed mirrors or mirrored tiles and adhere them to furniture doors or a tabletop to add the appearance of space and light.
  6. Turn a mirror on its side.This works best with narrower mirrors, but it makes a wall look longer instantly.
  7. Add floor length mirrors to make any space feel taller.Place floor length mirrors behind furniture or on their own and add height to any room.
  8. Fake a window.Add the illusion of a window by using mirrored tiles behind a piece of furniture or purchase an old window frame and place a mirror behind it. This is a great and fun way to make a small room look larger.

These are some great ways to make any space look larger and are perfect for apartments.


Fun Things to Do this Summer in Nashville


nashvilleSummer is a great time to live in Nashville and ParkCentral Apartments is only steps away from the action.  If you are looking for some fun things to do this summer, here is a list of activities and events near your apartment:

Arts & Entertainment

While Nashville is famous for its music, it is fast getting recognized as a happening art scene.  The first Saturday of every month art galleries in the downtown area host receptions and art openings featuring local and world-renowned artists and their artwork.  This festive event welcomes you to stroll down 5th Avenue (and other locations) with many galleries offering wine and refreshments.  Join in the fun.

More details can be found on their website.

WeHo (Wedgewood/Houston) opens their doors to experience a free art and music walk.  The walk begins at 6:00 pm.  Check out details on their website.

The Sideshow Fringe Festival is a four day celebration featuring theater and live presentations of dance, music, puppetry, juggling, poetry and more.  The festival takes place from July 31st to August 3rd.  This event now in its fourth year showcases diverse talent, go their website for more details.


Looking for some fun runs this summer; here are a few for both novice and advanced runners:

On Sunday July 26th, the 37th Music City Triatholon brings out the area’s best runners, swimmers and bikers.  There is still time to register.

On August 8th join in the fun for a great cause with the annual Tomato 5K.  Proceeds from this event support the YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s Annual Giving Campaign.  Kids Run starts at 7:00 am and the 5K at 7:30 am.

If you haven’t participated in a Color Run Night then this year is the year to start.  On August 15th The Color Run is coming to Nashville; Glow with the Flow and join the thousands who participate in this fun 5K run.  The first wave of racers start at 8:00 pm, but the pre and post-race activities are fun, so be sure to get there early and plan to stay late.

On August 22nd you can participate in the “It’s Just a 10k” race.  This flat course is fast and certified.   Join in the fun and set a personal best record.


Nothing says summer like a baseball game.  Enjoy a great game and sunshine with the Nashville Sounds this year in their new stadium; First Tennessee Park.  Tickets start as low as $10 and there are night and weekend games, so grab some friends or family and head out to the ballgame.

Can it really be time to think about football?  August 23rd is the first preseason game at Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium against the Rams.

Hot Spots near ParkCentral Apartments – Nashville, TN

Nashville has so much to offer, great parks, museums, restaurants, music and night life.  We have compiled a list of some top night hot spots that are not too far from your Nashville Apartment and a little off the beaten path.

nashville_bluebirdBluebird Café – this quirky Nashville classic is tucked way in Green Hills in a strip mall, but offers a unique music listening experience featuring raw, local TALENT.   Featured in the early 2000s on the television show “Live From the Blue Bird Café”, this intimate music venue provides music lovers with the opportunity to enjoy great music and for song writers to feature their craft.  It is small (only 90 seats) and lines can be long, but it is a great way to hear music in Nashville.

station_inn_logoThe Station Inn – Nothing says Nashville like this gritty music venue.   This place is not fancy; it is dark with rows of folding tables and mismatched chairs.  Don’t let the run down appearance deter you, the music is amazing and on many nights one of the stars from the Grand Ole Opry show up to jam.

They only serve beer, hot dogs and pizza, but if you are looking for a night of talent and music, this is the place to go.  Yelp gives it a 4 ½ star rating for music venues and dive bars.

patterson houseThe Patterson House – Any place that serves a Bacon Old Fashion is OK in my books, but the high ratings and comments found on Yelp and Trip Advisor make this a night spot worth checking out.

It is located in Midtown on Music Row and is open 7 days a week from 5 pm to 3 am.  This speak easy serves light apps, has a great vibe and the bar tenders are referred to as mixologists.  All these attributes and their 4 ½ star Yelp rating make it a Nashville hot spot worth visiting.

4th of July in Nashville

music city

Let’s face it: You live in a pretty cool apartment in an awesome city, so there is never a lack of fun things to do. Here are just a few that are convenient to your ParkCentral apartment.

If you don’t want to do any of these or face the crowds, you always can head up to the Sky Deck for the afternoon or maybe catch the fireworks from there, or pack a picnic and enjoy the afternoon at Centennial Park.

But for those who want to venture out, here’s what is happening:

  1. The city of Nashville is putting on the biggest 4th of July firework display in the country! Check out Music City on July 4th – Let Freedom Sing with Martina McBride and Mikky Ekko as headliners. The all-day celebration ends with a firework display timed to music played by Nashville Symphony Orchestra.
  2. If running is more your style (or you want to get a bit of exercise in so you can indulge later), kick off the 4th with a run through Public Square Park by signing up for Music City July 4th 5K/10K runs. 
  3. If all that running makes you hungry, you can check out Music City Hot Chicken Festival from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at East Park.  There is live music all day, cold Yazoo beer and the best hot chicken in town.
  4. Tennessee Brew Works and Little Harpeth Brewing Company are both celebrating 4th of July with parties, beer, bands and fireworks. Tennessee Brew Works (noon to 6 p.m.) and Little Harpeth Brewing (6 p.m. to Grand Finale).