Take a Ghost Tour in Nashville this Halloween

Ghost Tours in Nashville

Halloween conjures up visions/thoughts of ghosts and goblins and all things frightening, so why not have a little ghoulish fun this year by taking one of Nashville’s Haunted Ghost Tours?

Nashville has its share of ghosts from famous musicians to mysterious visitors, to politicians and civil war soldiers, we have them all. But where can you find them?

The State Capital Building is located at the highest summit in Nashville, and rumor has it that spirits of the past still linger in its halls and in the tower of the building. Who are these spirits from the past and why do they still call Nashville home?

Furniture in the Capital Building has been known to be rearranged, arguments heard when no one was talking and a woman looks over the city out the tower window. These mischievous behavior and voices could belong to William Strickland and Samuel Morgan, the architect and overseer during construction of the Capital Building. During the construction they didn’t see eye-to-eye and it appears the argument continues more than a hundred years after their deaths.

With that woman, people claim that she’s Rachel Jackson, the wife of President Andrew Jackson, who died of a heart attack shortly after his victory. While she died before the building was built, many suspect that she walks the halls and haunts the tower trying to restore her reputation after being accused and shamed for being an adulterer.

(Seems she may have married Andrew Jackson before her divorce from her previous husband, too. Oops!)

Over at Ryman Auditorium (the former home of the Grand Ole Opry) three ghosts have decided NOT to leave the stage. Ryman himself makes his disdain for “raunchy” performances held at the auditorium named in his honor by appearing regularly at the auditorium. Gray Man (a man dressed in gray sitting in the balcony during performances) both haunts those who rehearse in the auditorium, and country music legend Hank Williams Sr. has been known to walk the halls of the auditorium and the alley near Tootsie’s, one of his favorite watering holes next door.

With so many tragic stories of music legends in the making in Nashville and such a prominent role in the Civil War, it is no wonder Nashville and the surrounding area have their share of ghosts.

Want to take a tour? Choose between Haunted Downtown, Haunted Pub Tour or a Haunted Hearse Tour with Nashville Ghost Tours.

Nashville is such a great place to live. it is no wonder so many NEVER want to leave. Check out more haunted places in Nashville here.










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