The Best Hiking Trails Near Your Nashville Apartment



If you enjoy hiking, you’re probably on the search for new and scenic trails. Here are some of our favorite hiking spots that are near your Nashville apartment.

1. Hamilton Creek Metropolitan Park consists of two trails connected by a tunnel. This trail is considered one of the most technically challenging trails, but you will not be disappointed. Expect to see amazing views and a beautiful lake.

2. Bell Bend Park is a rural preserve that shows off its agricultural history. You will be surrounded by beautiful plants, migratory birds and other wildlife. The trail is a fairly easy one, too: It’s only 2.3 miles, so it’s good to take your family or dog along.

3. Anderson Road Fitness Trail is a 1.3 mile loop trail which is great for all skill levels. Since this trail is short, it’s excellent for a family outing, and it’s also stroller-friendly. Make sure to go early to get a great view of the lake.



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