Tips for Cleaning Your Nashville Apartment

Fall Cleaning August is almost over and the cooler weather is just around the corner.  But, while you were out enjoying the warm Tennessee weather your house was gathering dust and dirt, so let’s get that cleaning underway and get ready for the fall.

Take Inventory of Supplies – Before you begin cleaning, take stock in your cleaning supplies.  Make sure that you have the right products for each room.  Consider keeping cleaning supplies organized by room for future use and don’t forget that your cabinet has some make at home cleaning supplies like vinegar and baking soda.

Reach High – You more than likely have done a great job keeping your apartment clean during the summer months, but now that fall is here it is time to look up and clean areas that are not at eye level. Look in the corners for cobwebs and dust with a handled duster or use your vacuum’s extension attachment to get into hard to reach areas.  Don’t forget fan blades and light fixtures.

Look Low – Again, fall is a good time to look below eye level and clean baseboards and hard to reach corners.  Use a broom to clean corners and use a duster and/or a warm sudsy cloth to clean baseboards.

Out of Sight/Out of Mind – And probably the reach of your broom or vacuum.  This is a good time to move furniture and get those dust bunnies from under the couch or to remove and vacuum under the cushions of your couch and chairs.

Let the Sunshine In – Don’t forget windows and window sashes.   Clean your windows with vinegar and water and wipe down with a microfiber cloth or purchase a squeegee and wash like the pros with a bit of degreasing liquid soap detergent and warm water.

Tackle the Refrigerator – This is a great time to empty the refrigerator and freezer.  Get rid of anything that has expired or has been in your refrigerator for more than 3 months and wipe down all of the shelving with warm sudsy water.  Take this time to determine if the set up your refrigerator is optimized, if not adjust shelving to make access easier.

Launder Bed Linens, Blankets and More – None of us like laundry, but the change of season is a good time to wash your bed linens, as well as blankets, comforters and throws.  While you are at it, shake out throw rugs and pillows.

Follow these great tips for easy fall cleaning and to get your apartment ready for fall.

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