Tips for Updating Your Apartment

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Renting an apartment in Nashville definitely has its perks — great night life, great music and great restaurants. ParkCentral apartments offer beautiful luxurious living, but you might find it tricky to create a space that is your own without sacrificing your security deposit.

So we’ve rounded up easy, budget-friendly ideas to update your space and to make it feel like home sweet home.

  • Add a rug to any room for a pop of color and to update your décor. Rugs come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and prints. Pick something bold and arrange furniture into a sitting area or select a rug for your entry, kitchen or bathroom.
  • Be bold by combining colors. One of this year’s color trends mixes bold colors together to create a look that adds pop and style. This year’s trend colors include Mediterranean Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Yellows and vivid Greens.
  • Add art to your walls. There are so many affordable art pieces at home goods stores, or buy a piece of fabric and frame it with supplies from your local craft store. Adding art to any room can make the space feel like your own.
  • Update your bathroom. This is one of the easiest and most affordable rooms to modernize. Select coordinated or complimentary colors and update your shower curtain, rugs, towels and accessories.
  • Consider using removable wallpaper on one wall in your bedroom or living area. Try a small piece before doing the entire wall, but it comes in a lot of colors and prints and is easy to install and remove.



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