Using Mirrors to Make Your Apartment More Spacious


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Mirrors are an affordable way to expand the space in your Nashville apartment; they can make any room look larger and brighter as they reflect light and tricks the eye to think a space is larger.

Here are eight quick tips to use mirrors to expand your space:

  1. Place a mirror across from a window or patio door.Placing a mirror across from a window or door to give the illusion of a larger space and to bring in light and the view from outdoors.
  2. A large mirror can expand your space.A large mirror can act as a focal point and make any room look bigger. There are a lot of options at home good stores. They give the illusion of depth.
  3. Group mirrors together. Creating a stylish grouping of mirrors is an affordable way to brighten and extend a room or hallway. Check out home goods stores, thrift shops and yard sales for some great options. Paint the frames in monochrome colors and group them on a wall.
  4. Place a mirror behind furniture.A trick to expand a small space and draw the eye is to place a mirror behind furniture such as a couch or chair; this will brighten and enlarge a dark, small area.
  5. Mirrors on furniture and doors. Mirrors on furniture is another stylish option to make a room feel more spacious and uncluttered. Purchase unframed mirrors or mirrored tiles and adhere them to furniture doors or a tabletop to add the appearance of space and light.
  6. Turn a mirror on its side.This works best with narrower mirrors, but it makes a wall look longer instantly.
  7. Add floor length mirrors to make any space feel taller.Place floor length mirrors behind furniture or on their own and add height to any room.
  8. Fake a window.Add the illusion of a window by using mirrored tiles behind a piece of furniture or purchase an old window frame and place a mirror behind it. This is a great and fun way to make a small room look larger.

These are some great ways to make any space look larger and are perfect for apartments.


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